Best WordPress Website Examples

Looking for the best WordPress website examples? 

Over 43% of websites across the globe use WordPress. The platform has been the choice of many bloggers, designers, artists, businesses, and others. Whether small enterprises or large ones, WordPress has become an ideal platform for creating websites. 

WordPress has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Anyone can create a website using this platform with no prior knowledge of coding. In addition to the appealing designs, WordPress websites are search engine optimized, secure, and cater to every requirement of their creators. It is also one of the reasons behind the platform’s popularity. 

In this article, we will explore some of the best WordPress website examples. Stay tuned with us, because it might surprise you to see how many big-name companies use WordPress for their websites. 

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1. The New York Times
New York Times

The New York Times is one of the world’s most influential and prestigious media publication houses. The publication house has always used WordPress for its website and was the first media house to use WordPress’s user-generated content feature. The site has a simple but purposeful design that visually references the newspaper. 

2. The Obama Foundation
The Obama Foundation

Founded by former United States President Barack Obama, The Obama Foundation is a non-profit organization. It publishes news and updates information regarding projects, programs, and supports on the website. The website has a simple structure designed to feature articles, videos, and other content. Likewise, it features interactive menus for visitors to easily get information about the chosen topic. 

3. Microsoft Blog
Microsoft Blog

Among all the WordPress blogging websites, Microsoft Blog is an example of one of the best blogging WordPress websites. In addition to posting the latest news, Microsoft Blog updates its website with community blogs, customer stories, new feature updates, etc. The website has a slightly larger multi-column layout that features posts and stories. 

4. Angry Birds
Angry Bird

We all know the popular mobile game Angry Birds. What started as a game now has animations, books, merchandise, and even a movie franchise. Its website uses the game’s visual graphics for each page’s backdrop to provide a unique experience to its visitors. Likewise, there is a toggle menu on top of the home page that displays explore, play, watch, create, and merch options. 

5. BBC America
BBC America

If you want a versatile WordPress website example, BBC America check the boxes. It is a digital cable network, jointly owned by BBC Worldwide and AMC Networks. You can stream tons of video content including British entertainment and also read blogs and shop online. Visitors can easily navigate the website and learn through the intuitive interface of dropdown menus. 

6. The White House
The White House

Yes, you read it right. We also have the White House on our list of the best WordPress website examples. WordPress is a trusted platform and the White House is one of the big names to do so. Its website updates the visitors with the latest news affiliated with the President of the United States, national security, economy, budgets, immigration, and healthcare. 


United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration known as NASA’s website is also on our list of the best WordPress website examples. NASA uses the WordPress website for their NASA and NASA Science websites. Both websites contain huge archives of data and media content. The websites are designed to provide information related to NASA’s projects, missions, and research. 

8. Vogue

Vogue is the leading fashion and lifestyle magazine in the world. It must be one of the reasons that the website has an eye-catching home with lots of high-quality images and videos. Likewise, the black and white color scheme gives the website a modern and artistic look. Vogue’s website focuses heavily on the visual element but is responsive and easy to navigate. 

9. Sony Music

Sony Music is the second-biggest record company and is owned by Sony Entertainment. Every kind of music lover visits its website. Hence, the website’s homepage features a slide show of trending artists at the top. It is easy to navigate through the site with scrolling features and imagery. The website has a massive catalog of music from artists across the globe. It also has a vast record of historical recordings. 

10. The Walt Disney Company

We all have grown up watching Walt Disney cartoons so most of us already know about the Walt Disney Company. This American multinational company is also a user of WordPress. Staying true to the company’s goals, the site provides information and entertainment related to Disney movies to visitors. Similarly, it showcases vacancy announcements, policies, investor relations, and social responsibilities. 

11. The National Archives

The National Archives serves as the official archive of the United Kingdom Government. It is the national archive for England and Wales. The website is rich in imagery and has a menu at the top of the homepage. Similarly, visitors can easily explore the topic they are interested in. The site holds various government records along with other articles, announcements, and news. 

12. The Jane Goodall Institute

The Jane Goodall Institute is a non-profit community conservation organization. Its website tells the stories of Dr. Jane Goodall, her achievements, and the conservation of apes. The website aims at audiences across the globe. It has an engaging homepage with a photo slider. Likewise, the site has menus like our story, our work, our impact, make a difference, and donate. 

13. Creative Ad Awards

There is a WordPress website that awards creative advertisements known as Creative Ad Awards. It celebrates the best ads from across the world. The site’s homepage has a large fullscreen background image. Similarly, it has categories, a search box, and a recent posts grid.  

14. Renault Group

The next best WordPress website example is Renault Group. Based in France, the Group is a multinational automobile manufacturer. The website showcases their vehicles, latest news, and stories. A great thing about Renault’s website is its distinct menu designs for desktop and mobile. In addition to the stylish layout, the site has a fast loading speed. 

15. Animal Logic

Another WordPress website example is the world’s leading independent creative digital studio, Animal Logic. The studio has produced some award-winning designs, visual effects, and animation. When visitors open the website, they are greeted by a video slider showcasing their work.  Following the slider are different sections that display stunning CSS animations. 

16. Network Rail

Network Rail owns and operates the entire United Kingdom’s entire railway infrastructure. The company’s initial website was not WordPress-created. They migrated to the platform in 2017. The website has a simple yet modern-looking design. The site has a neat layout featuring a journey planner, live departure and arrival information, ticket booking, route maps, service updates, travel tips, and many more.  

17. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible is a popular podcast and online media project. It explores various aspects of design and architecture. Therefore, the website has a beautiful design, ideal for podcasting. Additionally, it is easy to navigate through the site and quickly access the latest podcasts and articles. 

18. TechCrunch

We began this list of best WordPress website examples with a media publication house and are ending it with an online newspaper, TechCrunch. It includes all the latest news related to the tech sector. Every post on the site has an embedded widget. It showcases newsletters, articles, and tickets for tech events. The interesting stories are highlighted and visitors can search for the topic of their choice using the search bar. 


From the list above, we can see that many big brands and companies are using WordPress websites. There are numerous examples of the best WordPress websites but it is not possible to include them on our list. Nevertheless, the ones on our list are some of the best WordPress website examples. 

The features and functionalities that WordPress provides to its users are unlike any other CMS. It is intuitive, versatile, secure, and ideal for creating different websites. We hope our article has answered your query. Thank you for your time!

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