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Buzz Magazine Pro

WordPress has proven itself as a superb platform for multipurpose websites and blogs. Many famous news and magazine sites are also using WordPress to get their powerful and eye-catching designs. It’s possible because of impactful and versatile themes like Buzz Magazine Pro. You don’t need to go far away for any niche whenever you wanna be.

If you have visited our multi-conceptual theme Buzz Magazine, this one is the premium version of that theme. It is more functional than its free version, having more layouts and templates, color options, typography, preloader option, Darklight mode, and many other advanced features than the previous one. It consists of a post-like option as well as the total views option for the post. That makes it easier to filter out your quality customers and their needs.

Introducing Its Features

Buzz Magazine Pro includes 5 distinct templates relevant to different purposes. The list of templates that it brings out is Buzz Magazine Pro, Sports Mag, Game Mag, Blog Mag, and Classic Mag. All of them are fully responsive and highly customizable. Perhaps most importantly, they offer a variety of color options, fonts, widgets, and great plugins, classic editors, etc. We can say that all of them are easy to set up and user-friendly. Along with these, each template has different menu items and space for their respective portions. You can also manage ads on your website without affecting your site view.

All of the templates have a breadcrumb option with the changing option of background images, font-size family, etc. Additionally, it appends slider layouts and 3 archive page layouts to provide more options to the customers. There is both dark and light mode select option inside the theme. The dark mode is especially for the comfortable vision to the users at night time.

There you can get advanced top header and footer options with the premium version of this theme. Presenting more powerful and unique features is the reason that makes Buzz Magazine Pro valuable and worth paying. In spite of having more functionalities, the theme is highly optimized and speedy. It carries short but quality code and is filled with search engine optimization qualities. Well, the users won’t have to be bothered about getting high traffic and top rank on the search results after getting this theme.

There are still lots of features available out there. Some are listed below:

  • Total view option
  • Extra widget options
  • Sortables option
  • Google Map option
  • Advance breadcrumb option
  • Dark light mode option
  • Preloader Options
  • Archive page layout
  • Social share button
  • Advance footer option, and many more.

We hope this article will help you out on finding the best WordPress magazine theme for your website no matter what field you are including, like Sports, Blogs, Games, current-related news, or anything. Let’s discover your pleasant journey together with Buzz Magazine Pro!

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