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    If you’ve ever been charged with drunken driving, you’ll be aware that there are a number of consequences that you must have gone through costing you money. If you’re charged for OWI, operating while intoxicated, and want to acquire your licensing rights back, easier said than done as the prospect is quite expensive.

    Fines, jail time, and regular court appearances is just the starting for drunken driving cases. Furthermore, the convict might also be mandated to attend DUI classes, appear for constant drinking problem evaluation, acquire treatment when necessary, pay higher insurance premiums and obtain an interlock device installation on his/her vehicle.
    Let’s discuss some long-term OWI consequences if you’re caught with drunken driving, in other words, in what situations an OWI defense attorney safe you from before the case worsens any further.

    Background inquiries
    Many companies tend to conduct a criminal record check before taking any shortlisted applicant on board. A felony or misdemeanor OWI convict will be displayed on the criminal record and that seriously hamper his/her efforts in getting hired by most employers. Besides workplaces, even some colleges and universities, financial institutions, mortgage companies, and landlords rely on such information before proceeding with the client.

    License revocation
    Being convicted under DUI or OWI can result in your license being revoked for a period of two years after the first conviction. And without a license it will become very difficult to land jobs, especially those where driving is a major pointer in the job description—not to mention also affecting the convict’s personal life activities and gatherings with family and close friends.
    Moreover, the decision to drive even after a suspended license with DUI is not recommended, as it could possibly lead to more complicated and serious situations. The penalties of driving after the first OWI offense can vary with states, therefore, it is recommended to consult a professional OWI defense attorney on all the possible implications associated with first and consecutive drunken driving influences.

    Ignition interlock
    After being convicted with an OWI offense, you’ll be required to install your vehicle with an ignition interlock device machine. The device acts as an in-car alcohol breath catching device which is actually a breathalyzer. The breathalyzer is responsible to stop the car from turning on if it registers a BAC, blood alcohol concentration, exceeding the by-default limit of 0.02 in the driver’s breath.

    Car insurance rates
    Often drivers aren’t aware of the car insurance rates they’ll be hit with after getting charged with OWI. Apparently, auto insurance rates often increase greatly after a DUI or OWI conviction. Often, only high risk insurance companies, which charge twice the typical rates, will tend to insure an OWI convicted person.

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