Free vs. Premium Themes: Which One Should You Choose?

These days building a website using WordPress are very popular and many top companies also use WordPress for building their site. But while building a website for yourself or someone else you might be in a dilemma to choose a design. There may come a time when you are confused about whether to choose a free theme or a premium WordPress theme.

Both free and premium themes have benefits and drawbacks of their own. So, it is your choice to choose the right one.

This article will help answer the question of whether to choose a free or paid theme. We will discuss all the pros and cons of both the free version and the premium version.

Free WordPress themes are the themes for which you shouldn’t pay a single penny. They are completely free of cost. The main reason to create free themes is to promote the premium versions. The companies create free templates with basic features whereas the premium ones with advanced features. 

This is just a tactic to make you buy the premium ones. You will use the free theme a lot and you will sooner or later be willing to pay for extra features in the premium version. 

Benefits of Using Free WordPress Themes

The free version of WordPress themes are completely free and you don’t have to pay a penny. The features and facilities are free to use which saves money. 

Easy Access

Another trait is that free themes are available through the WordPress theme directory or other reputable sources, Free themes allow easy installation and activation from the dashboard directly. 

Learning and Experimenting:

The free themes provide a platform for beginners to learn and experiment with website design and customization without the risk of finances. 

Regular Updates

Several free themes are maintained by developers who release updates. They make sure about the compatibility with the latest version.

SEO and Responsiveness

SEO is optimized in several free themes. Similarly, they are responsive and help to make your website look good and perform well on various devices.

Drawbacks of Using Free Themes
Limited Features and Customization

Unlike premium themes, free themes have only limited features and customization options. This will restrict you from creating a unique and fully customized website. 

Security Risks

Because of the free availability, free themes may have security vulnerabilities. There might not be the best practices for security. So, there might arise risks such as malware or hacking. 

Compatibility Issues

Certain plugins might not be fully compatible with free themes. This issue will limit you to adding desired functionality to your site. 

Performance Optimization

Free themes may take long loading times or inefficient code. It affects your site’s speed and user experiences it does not prioritize performance optimization. 

Limited or No Guarantee

The free themes don’t come with any guarantee or warranty. Therefore, if the developer doesn’t continue to support the updates you must switch to a different new theme which might take lots of time. 

Premium WordPress Themes 

Premium WordPress themes are the themes for which you must pay or you must purchase to use. These themes are professionally designed templates. They offer customization options and support. 

You can easily craft visually appealing websites with advanced features such as custom widgets, sliders, page builders, popular plugins, and so on. 

Benefits of Premium Themes
Latest Designs and Features

The premium version of WordPress themes has several benefits including updated and latest designs as well as features. The premium themes use trendy designs and include all-new features. 


The templates and themes in premium themes are distinct and unique. Free themes are common and used by everyone but premium themes add exclusivity to the templates you are interested in using. 

The premium ones provide a way to be unique with access to more advanced design tools. They give you a chance to add your creativity or you can also flourish to a design. 

Frequent Updates

Premium WordPress is updated repeatedly to keep compatible with the latest version of WordPress. WordPress is frequently changing and you must stay with the latest updates for compatibility and new features. It is worth purchasing because it is updated regularly.

Customization and Documentation

Premium themes are fully customizable and you can enhance the functionality of the site by adding plugins. Similarly, they also provide tutorials and exclusive videos and images. This helps users understand and bring the best version.

Better Support

The developers of premium themes provide fast responses to their customers. They provide quality support for their customers because customers are paying for a product to perform a specific task. Similarly, the team also answers questions quickly, address issues, and are responsive. 

Drawbacks of Premium WordPress Themes

Some Premium WordPress themes are expensive. It might be difficult for the customers to afford the premium version because it is not budget-friendly. You must pay a certain amount of charge for purchasing the premium theme.  

No Guarantee of Support

Although the premium seller promises dedicated support with a fast response, that is not provided always. They don’t provide any phone number or address of the developers.

The support they promise while buying might not be delivered. 

Which to Choose-Free or the Premium Theme?

We discussed all the pros and cons of both premium and free themes. So, there are both benefits and drawbacks to both themes so for the question about which one to use the answer is it depends on your interests and requirements.

If you are new and want to explore around to see if you can use WordPress or not then a free theme will be suitable for you and will work perfectly.

But there are other several conditions or situations where premium themes are the best. For instance:

Premium Themes for Small Business Websites

If you own a small business and you have your site, a premium theme will be best for you. Because the premium theme is worth using and has several benefits for a small business owner, the tools included in the premium theme will help you do your work faster with efficiency and convenience. 

Free Themes for Charity or nonprofit Websites

If you plan to build a website for a charity or nonprofit, then you can use free themes. You can use as little money as possible for administration. But, it’s your choice, so you can also choose the premium themes instead. 

Premium Themes for Larger Business

Premium themes will be most beneficial for the larger business or enterprise. For the larger business appearance and public perception are the most crucial parts and for that, you must use the latest design, fastest performance, and reliability provided by Premium themes. 


Choosing a WordPress theme is a very tough decision. The decision between choosing a free and a premium version is clear because if you have time and designing skills then you can choose a free WordPress theme.

On the other hand, if you prefer design tools and advanced features then you can choose the premium theme.

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