How do you choose the right plugin for WordPress? 

Plugin is a software or a tool used in WordPress websites that adds new functions or enhances the already existing function. With the help of the plugin, there is no need for coding. It makes it easier to make either small or massive tweaks to the websites. 

The plugins available in WordPress.
Plugins in WordPress.

While installing plugins adds features, installing too many unnecessary plugins can inversely slow down your website. Therefore, you must choose only the right and necessary plugins for your website. 

So then how do you choose the right plugin for WordPress? 

This article is made exactly to aid you with the task. Here are the key factors you need to consider while choosing the right plugin for WordPress: 

1. Understanding the website’s need

The first step before selecting the plugin is understanding your website’s needs. Evaluate and create a list of features and functionalities that your site needs. It will help you to narrow down the list of right plugins without unnecessary installations. 

It is possible to find a plugin that satisfies all your requirements. However, it is also possible that you may have to use multiple plugins to get the same intended results. Thus, focus on the crucial features required for your website and then move on to choose the plugin.  

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2. Verify its authenticity

WordPress is an open-source software and thus, anyone can develop a plugin and release it. Every free plugin on the platform has to undergo the process of review, testing, and approval. However, not every developer maintains the standard which is why it is necessary to verify the plugin’s authenticity. 

All you have to do is a simple research and you will get all the details related to the plugin. Similarly, in the case of premium plugins, you need to dive a little further to check their authenticity. You can check the reviews and user ratings to get the information. 

WordPress has a very active community and if you want to get more opinions, you can simply ask in the forum. You can get valuable information and reviews on plugins. Likewise, you can also find the reviews on the Reviews tab. 

3. Active installation 

Always check for the number of active installations. It helps to know the popularity of the plugin and the overall features. Similarly, it also means that it has been tested and trusted by many users. Opting for plugins that have been widely use is always the best idea. 

Check for number of active installation
Check for the number of active installations.

In the case of free plugins, we recommend you choose ones with at least 1,000 active installations.  However, sometimes lesser-used plugins work perfectly and are quite reliable. 

4. Check the last plugin update

The next advice on how to choose the right plugin for WordPress is to check when the plugin was last updated. If the plugin is not updated regularly, it might have security risks. Developers come up with regular updates to fix bugs and technical and security issues. 

The regular update suggests that the plugin is actively being maintained and improved. You can check the recent update date of the plugin in the description tab.  

5. Check the plugin compatibility

There is no use in installing any plugin if it is not compatible with your WordPress version. Therefore, always check for compatibility before installing anything. You can easily check it on the description tab of the plugin to see which version can use it.

If you download a plugin that is not compatible, it can prevent other installed plugins from functioning well. So much so that it can also crash your website. For this reason, always check the plugin compatibility. 

6. Examine plugin functions and features 

It is always best that you examine the features of the plugin before installation. Whether the plugin has the function your website requires and the additional features to enhance your website’s performance, examine it before installation. 

Examine plugin functions and features
Examine plugin functions and features.

Similarly, examine the security features as well. The security features should protect your site from hackers and fraudulent events. Regardless of free or premium plugins, we recommend you get your plugins from trustworthy stores.   

7. Pricing of the plugin 

You can always opt for free plugins if you are on a tight budget. But remind you the premium plugins come with advanced features and support. The premium plugin pricing plans can be a one-time purchase, subscription, or freemium. 

Look at the pricing of the plugin along with the features and support it comes with. Likewise, we advise you to compare your plugin choice with similar plugins. Choose the one that offers the best price, features, and support overall. 


Since numerous plugins are available in WordPress, it is easy to get confused. Use these tips and we assure you, it will help you a great deal. Always remember that the right plugin is essential for proper functioning and performance enhancement of your site.

Thus, make your choice carefully. Do your research and explore the features and options. Look for ratings, and reviews, and compare similar plugins before you come to your decision. Now that you have this little guide on “How do you choose the right plugin for WordPress” to help you, we hope you can select the ideal plugin for your site. 

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