How to Purchase Themes from Aarambha Themes and activate your License Key

How To Purchase Themes and Activate License Key

Premium Themes are much better than Free Themes as they contain more features and customization options. Each Premium Theme released by Aarambha Themes gives you so much flexibility in terms of design which makes it much easier for your website to stand out. You are allowed to create so many variations that by the time you’re done fixing up your website, so you can barely tell that you are using the same theme used by other users. Thus, purchase Aarambha Themes undoubtedly to reach your goal.

Here is how you can get any of our themes:

  1. There are multiple elegant themes available to fill your variant demands. Select one of your favorable themes from our theme store and Click on Buy Themes where you’ll get options to choose your favorable plans. For Example Buzz Magazine Pro.
Buy Buzz Magazine Pro
  1. There are multiple payment gateways available concerning the user’s feasibility. You can go through your suitable method. After Successful payment, you’ll redirect to this section.
Purchase Theme
  1. To receive automatic theme updates, you have to Activate your Theme License. The activation process is quite straightforward. Unambiguously follow the instruction below, and you will be done in a moment or two.
  • Go to your email. You will get the link of the product activation key and pro theme download link.
Email Sample


OR, simply you can follow the given steps to get the latest version Pro Theme and respective license key.

  • Login to Aarambha Themes with the registered user authentication. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be redirected to the My Dashboard page. Your resulting page will look something like the image below.
User Dashboard

There you can see some menu items available on the sidebar of your page. Visit Downloads and Licenses options to get the download link and activation key respectively of your chosen theme.

Download Lists

Now, to use the downloaded theme on your website, go on the following guidelines below:

  1. Go to your Dashboard >> Themes >>Add New and upload here,


  1. After Uploaded theme click on Activate Theme and Go to your Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme info,
Theme Info
  1. Now you have your license key. To install this license key to your website, add the license key here:
Add License Key
  1. Once you hit the “Agree and Activate License” button, you will be prompted to the screen with a successful message.

We need a license key to validate the theme. When you are a genuine user with a valid license key, you can get an automatic theme update notification to update your theme with a single click.

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