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Sticky Youtube Video OnScroll is an excellent plugin to provide a better user experience for video content. This plugin is perfect to make your YouTube Video sticky on scroll with the play of youtube videos available at your WordPress Posts/pages. It lets your user scroll through the page along with playing video on the side of the page.

The plugin displays video even after you are above/below of the video position. Moreover, you can get and manage the video position sticky on the left, right, or center of the window if the user scrolls away from the video viewport.

The video will automatically pause after you click on the play button of another one. Also, it dismisses the sticky frame when you reach up to the viewport of the preview video. If you want to stop playing the video from the sticky screen, there is a cross button to do what you want. But you no longer need a cross button if you are switching another video from running one.


  • Wondering about getting sticky youtube videos on scroll? No more complexities for it. Easy and user-friendly dashboard interface.
  • Sticky video on the scroll can enable and disable.
  • Can add custom height and width that suit your site’s frame. 
  • Sticky video can align to right/left/center on scrolling.
  • The adjustable close button (x) position as per the height.

To give your users a new and magnificent experience inside your website, install “Sticky Youtube Video OnScroll” now. It is responsible for mobile, laptop, and tablets. But if you are getting doubts about how to use this plugin. Here it is:

How to use it?

  • Get the plugin from Here!
  • Install and Activate it on your website.
  • Create a post and add some videos on blocks.
  • Copy the URL of the youtube video you want to add to the post/page.
  • Visit the post/page. Play the video and scroll up/down of that viewport. You have an activated “Sticky Youtube Video OnScroll” plugin on your site, so you will see the video stick on a buttom-right of your website screen.
  • In the case that you want to change the position of sticky video or the height/width of the video, Go to Plugin’s settings: Dashboard > Appearance > Sticky Youtube Video on Scroll
  • Plugin automatically places the Cross button in the proper position on the basis of height and width.

When the plugin is not needed, you can simply disable it but you will like your site more with this plugin enabled.

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