Top 20+ Elementor Add-ons for WordPress 2023 – Unlock Your Website’s Potential!

There are a number of Elementor add-ons available that fully unlock its potential and enhance its functionality which can take your website to the next level. Elementor is a popular drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress. It allows users ease to create beautiful and responsive custom pages for your elegant websites. While Elementor is a powerful tool on its own, these plugins exponents the functionalities of Elementor. Here are some of the best Elementor addons for WordPress in 2023:

Aarambha Kits Pro

Aarambha Kits Pro is an Elementor addon plugin that adds more functionality and design options to your website-building experience. It allows you to create any design within a few clicks with the support of 13 free Elementor widgets and 5 free WordPress widgets. The plugin provides a range of customizable widgets and templates to enhance your web development. With Aarambha Kits Pro, you don’t need any coding skills to add advanced features to your website.

The plugin comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to create stunning pages in minutes. It offers a wide range of widgets including advanced headings, content boxes, image grids, team members, pricing tables, and more. The templates are also customizable, allowing you to modify them to suit your website’s style and brand.

Ultimate Add-Ons for Elementor

Ultimate Add-Ons is a powerful library of over 40+ widgets and extensions for Elementor. It includes Google Maps Widget, a progress bar, dynamic content, advanced typography, image filters, and a price list. The plugin allows you to create custom blocks and layouts as well as helps to extend the capabilities of the Elementor editor.

The add-on offers various creative design options like parallax scrolling, image hotspots, particle effects, and various animations, allowing you to create unique and engaging pages with ease. The plugin is available with regular updates and excellent support to ensure that the add-on works seamlessly with the latest version of Elementor.


Crocoblock is a suite of Elementor Addons Plugins that provide a wide range of widgets, templates, and design elements for Elementor. It brings out some dynamic templates, post grids, and animated headlines-like features. Also, it includes JetPlugins, as well as a range of other others to build custom blocks like headers, footers, popups, etc.

This powerful WordPress Plugin consists of 20 JetPlugins for Elementor and Gutenberg, 200 widgets must-have for Elementor, and 60+ ready-to-use templates. It helps you to create dynamic page templates without any code skills with multiple widgets. Just add some custom post types, taxonomies, relations, options pages, and forms according to your wish.


ElementsKit is an all-in-one addon for Elementor that helps you build any page you want. You don’t need to waste your valuable time and money anymore searching for the best Elementor Page Builder Plugin, because here you succeed in your search. It has about 90+ powerful widgets and extensions and every widget and extension can be customized, enabled, and disabled.

You can reduce the loading time on your websites using the best add-on pack for the Elementor page builder. This plugin gives you full control to do anything by extending the Elementor functionalities.

Master Addons

Master Addons becomes the best Addon pack for Elementor with 50+ creative elements and 20+ awesome extensions. You can boost your creativity to the next level, using 70+ widgets and extensions available on this plugin. For example Advanced Accordion, Animated Headlines, Creative Button, Countdown Timer, Flipbox, Infobox, Tooltip, etc.

This Elementor Add-on plugin is an exclusive package of powerful elements. Some of its features are Header-Footer Builder, Custom Breakpoints, Restrict Content Element, Custom CSS for Elementor, and many more.

The Plus Addons for Elementor

The Plus Addons is the complete Toolkit for Elementor that has 120+ Elementor widgets that can build great websites. Some of the great widgets that this plugin includes are Horizontal and Vertical Mega Menus and Mobile Menus, WooCommerce store builder, Popup Builder, Ajax Search bar, Custom Loop Skin for Posts, CPT & Woo Products, etc.

It is a powerful and customizable plugin with all essential extensions for Elementor. You can use its listing feature to list any post, CPT, or Woo Products. Moreover, there are 90+ key design elements that can give a clean and unique look to your WordPress website.

Qi Addons

Qi Addons for Elementor provides 100+ flexible widgets that are fully customizable. It consists of elements that are built for stores. Shortly, It’s Woo Plugin compatible. You can create an ideal business website as it helps in presenting data, stats & other aspects of your company magnificently.

 Envato Elements Template Kits

Envato Elements is the easier and fully flexible way to create WordPress websites using Elementor. It brings out some professional designs with industry-specific, multipurpose templates. You can also add new designs and layouts to the existing Elementor-compatible websites. This Elementor Addon gives you access to a huge library of templates, graphics, and design assets, including those for Elementor. 

Droit Addons

Droit Addons is the ultimate solution of an immensely powerful pack to build websites using Elementor. It is a library of 80+ beautifully crafted widgets and 250+ ready-to-use blocks. So, you can call it a package of fully customizable, interactive, beautiful, and complete design tools.


Stratum is the collection of advanced Elementor widgets with unique styling options, and powerful, lightweight, and creative libraries. This is a design-focused WordPress library. It extends the features of Elementor even further with a collection of functional add-ons.

It has more than 20 widgets and extensions available for the Elementor page builder. That includes a timeline widget, google Map widget, team member widget, contact forms, image hotspots, etc. – Dynamic Content For Elementor

It is the greatest plugin to build powerful websites extending Elementor. supports all powerful plugins like Elementor Free, Elementor Pro, JetEngine, Meta Box, ACF Free and ACF Pro, WooCommerce, WPML, search and Filter Pro, Pods, Toolset, and Timber.

It gives you over 140+ features that save you time and money from getting complex results. This plugin also helps to display different options in a form.

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons Pro is to enhance your website-building experience using Elementor, with Numerous widgets, section add-ons, and global features. The main goal of this plugin is to facilitate you with advanced Elementor widgets, section Add-ons, Global features, and outstanding ready-to-use section templates.

Developers of this plugin are mainly focused on improving existing widgets rather than adding more regularly. Some of the powerful features that the plugin provides are a Content switcher, image comparison, image hotspots, Parallax, Animated Gradients, Lottie Background, etc.


PowerPack is a collection of 70+ unique, creative, and professionally designed templates. There is a wide range of outstanding Elementor Add-ons and widgets, that are built with a special focus on user experience, flexibility, and creativity.

It includes all of the simple to complex features such as headings, Post Widgets. In simple meaning, it has everything that you need to build a creative and uniquely designed website using Elementor.

Happy Addons

Happy Addons for Elementor is a powerhouse of interactive, super fast, and scalable design systems. It has 23 unique features like Preset, cross-domain copy-paste, section nesting, live copy, some powerful motion effects, and many more.

This plugin also brings out the template importer feature directly from the Elementor Editing Panel. It comes out with 400+ readymade unique blocks/sections. So, you can pick any of them and implement them on your website.

Move Addons

Move Add-ons is a perfect pixel move add-on for Elementor. There are 80+ lightweight and fully compatible Elementor widgets. It is focused on making the blazing fast performance of your website. So, you don’t need to worry about speed and performance. Altogether, it is compatible with Elementor on all major web browsers.

It provides a number of trending elements focusing on user experience, flexibility, and creativity. You can just drag and drop to create an impactful website. Or you can simply copy the design from another domain. All of the premium elements are fully customizable so you can design your website exactly as your imagination.

LiveMesh Addons for Elementor

LiveMesh Addons is the standout Elementor Add-on with extensive customization options. There is a massive number of Addons designed and developed with exceptional detailing. It is crafted well with lots of features embedded within it to create an awesome website.


JetElements is the powerhouse of the must-have designed widgets and interactive effects. Some of its exclusive features are content sections, images & video, interactive widgets, 3rd party content, data visualization, WooCommerce, etc. Build content sections and make them pop, showcase complex numeric data with ease. There are 46 Elementor JetElements Widgets that will make everything possible for you.

Toolkit For Elementor

To build your Elementor website fast, Toolkit will be the best solution for you. With this plugin, you’ll get lighter Elementor experiences with over twenty performance tweaks, powerful site admin tools, and amazing support. Get the better experience and results possible with the only performance solution designed especially for Elementor. It includes powerful admin tools that enhance the productivity of not using other plugins.

HT Mega

Use HT Mega Addons for Elementor to build a beautiful website in no time. It brings out around 782+ Elementor blocks, 107+ widgets, 91+ page templates, and 38+ categories. If you want to build a modern and elegant website, HT Mega offers you limitless possibilities to design a website efficiently without writing a line of code. And don’t worry, it is compatible with any device and browser.

Visibility Logic

The visibility Logic plugin is to hide/show any Elementor widgets or blocks based on advanced conditions. It is super flexible to use, so you can apply content conditions easily. You can choose to show content if the visitor has a specific IP address or if he comes from a specific referral. Similarly, you can show/hide content according to the condition on Post & Page, Archives, Conditional Tags, WooCommerce Users, EDD users, user roles, fallback, etc.

Overall, these Elementor add-ons can help you unlock your website’s potential and enhance its functionality and design. Choose the ones that suit best your needs and start creating amazing websites today!

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