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WordPress dominates the content management system world with over 45.8% of all websites built using the platform. There are many reasons behind WordPress’s popularity. First, it is open-source and free software, the other reasons include a user-friendly and intuitive interface, SEO features, responsiveness across various screening devices, a wide range of customization, etc. 

The platform is user-friendly, but it is common to counter technical issues while creating a website. You need a team of experts to solve such issues and WordPress development companies do just that. 

From website development and design, WordPress development companies can help in consulting, marketing, maintenance of websites, theme and plugin development, and many more. However, hiring such companies is costlier than hiring freelancers, thus, usually, large-scale websites hire these companies. 

There are lots of WordPress development companies across the globe. In this article, we will look at some of these top WordPress development companies. 

1. Curotec

Providing IT services and consulting since 2010, Curotec has established itself as one of the top WordPress development companies. Their clients range from startup companies to Fortune 100 enterprises across various industries. 

They are experts in the fields of web development, app development, mobile development, UX design, e-commerce, and AI/ML. Curotec has a proven track record of award-winning websites, modern SaaS products, and augmented development teams. 

Curotec has extensive experience required in WordPress partners for creating successful premium websites, online stores, or web applications. They work closely with their clients to bring your vision to life. Similarly, they cover the overall process from digital strategy, e-commerce/WooCommerce, back-end integration, and even front-end user experience. 

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2. Seahawk Media

Seahawk Media boasts of providing a top-notch WordPress service for revolutionary pricing. It is a company trusted by the top-managed WordPress web hosting companies such as DreamHost, GoDaddy, Wooexperts, and many more. It provides WordPress services to more than 1,000 companies. 

Their team of experts has been helping to build and manage pro-retention service operations for many of these companies. They offer a wide range of services that include WP development, web design, UI design, site optimization, site update, hacked site repair, site migrations, WP support, and many more. 

Whether you want to hire WordPress experts, SEO experts, or content marketers, or need a White-label partnership, Seahawk Media has your back. They have a team of experts with experience of over 10 years in WordPress who can make building and running a professional website a breeze.  

3. DevriX

DevriX is a WordPress development company founded in late 2010. The company works for enterprises like SaaS, WooCommerce, CRMs, large multisite and B2B platforms, etc. They offer long-term development and maintenance for businesses while also providing a trustworthy and reliable WordPress solution. 

In 2015, DevriX pioneered the “WordPress retainer” model. The model combines back-end and front-end development with creative and marketing strategy which aids massively in the growth of a business. Their team of experts consists of WordPress developers and business consultants who provide a wide range of services and consulting. 

In addition to WordPress development retainers, they provide back-end and front-end development, digital marketing, business consulting, open-source contributions, and maintenance. They also provide business consulting and growth services. No wonder, DerviX ranks among the top 20 WordPress development companies worldwide. 

4. 10up

Known for crafting websites, apps, and tools for content creators, 10up is among one of the top WordPress development companies. Whether you need to repair your sites, there is an increase in visitor bounce rate, or your database server is experiencing technical issues, 10up is up to solve all your problems. 

With 200 experts on the team and cross-discipline teams, the company provides extensive services.  Their services include front-end and back-end web engineering, cloud and system engineering, digital strategy, project management, UI/UX and visual design, SEO and analytics, etc. 

Various Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Starbucks, Google, etc are on the client list of 10up. The company’s services, tools, and approaches are world-class. They not only strive to provide the highest level of craftsmanship but also share best practices with the community to empower engineers around the globe. 

5. Multidots

Multidots is a leading WordPress development company with top-notch WordPress services and solutions. It is an Inc. 5000 company and is one of the preferred enterprise WordPress implementation partners, WordPress VIP Gold Partner. The company has been active since 2009 with a globally distributed team. 

The company is focused on building ROI-driven, enterprise-class websites that excel in performance, control, and security. Similarly, some of the services provided by Multidots include WordPress development, migration, performance optimization and audit, web design, WooCommerce development, custom apps development, agency partners, and many more. 

If you need to hire an expert and experienced WordPress developer, Multidots can help you with the task. They provide professional services based on your requirements and the level of expertise required. Multidots has been managing the WordPress websites for enterprises like Ask Media, Tropicana (PepsiCo Venture), Association of American Publishers, to name a few. 

6. ValueCoders

Whether you need high-quality WordPress development services or enterprise-oriented solutions, ValueCoders has everything you need. The company has a proven track record and has a decade of experience in handling complex projects and offering high-quality solutions. 

Valuecoders provides end-to-end WordPress development services like custom WordPress development, enterprise-oriented solutions, e-commerce website development, WordPress CMS development, migration & upgradation, support & maintenance, and consulting. 

Similarly, their team of experts can help you to create your own custom WordPress development, plugin, and theme development, API development & integration, WooCommerce development, blog development, and page speed optimization. Valuecoders is trusted by startups and Fortune 500 companies like Panasonic, Dubai Polic, World Health Organization, Hitachi, and Yale University, to name a few. 

7. Human Made

Founded in 2010, Human Made is an award-winning and leading WordPress development company. The company with over 100+ team members and experts has been providing the best CMS solutions and digital experience to their clients internationally. 

Human Made is an expert in WordPress as they help build the platform. Therefore, they have all the expertise in handling even the most complex projects. Their services include enterprise WordPress, artificial intelligence, digital publishers, corporate newsrooms, headless & REST API services, and migrations. 

As the name suggests, Human Made puts people first, i.e., their clients and team. They are committed to providing innovation and creative services that put their client’s business goals and objectives first. Their client list consists of big names such as Google, News UK, TechCrunch, Skyscanner, and Fairfax Media. 

8. WPWeb Infotech

WPWeb Infotech strives to provide robust, secure, scalable, and custom WordPress development services worldwide. From startups to small, medium, or enterprise-level businesses, the company specializes in providing WordPress design, development, customization, and solutions. 

The company provides complete WordPress-related solutions. Similarly, their teams consist of developers with vast experience in different businesses and industries. Their services include WordPress speed optimization, plugin development, WooCommerce development, migration services, theme design and development, third-party API integration services, easy digital download development, etc. 

WPWeb core principle is to provide optimum client satisfaction, a result-oriented approach, and integrity in everything. Their team has handcrafted over 200 WordPress plugins including WooCommerce PDF Vouchers, WooCommerce Points and Rewards, Social Auto Poster, and more. 

9. Tiny Frog Technologies

Since 2003, Tiny Frog Technologies has been providing “toad-ally” awesome WordPress services. The company specializes in providing web design, development, and secured hosting services. Rated among the top WordPress development companies, Tiny Frog Technologies has built over 1,100 websites. 

The company’s services include website design & development, WordPress fixes & tweaks, secured hosting & maintenance, WooCommerce/e-commerce, search marketing & optimization, and website accessibility. Similarly, it strives to create a powerful user experience. 

Tiny Frog Technologies team members include highly trained web designers, developers, marketing experts, and client support specialists. Companies like the National University, Rady Children’s Hospital, and Boeing have trusted Tiny Frog for their web development  and solutions.

10. CXR Agency

CXR Agency is an award-winning full-stack that provides next-generation tech solutions. From user-centered design, development, and digital engineering, the company provides services to startups and small, medium, and large enterprises. The company offers innovative VR/AR, web, and mobile solutions. 

The list of services that CXR Agency includes branding & UX/UI design, 3D & immersive design, app development, web development, extended reality, game development, digital transformation, staff augmentation, and technological advancement. 

With their multi-disciplinary development team, be assured that they will provide you with world-class services. The company is trusted by the world’s leading companies and startups like Millennium, onXRP, Wacoal, Richemont, HBOMax, and many others. 


So if you are looking for a top WordPress development company to handle your WordPress websites or to take it to the next level all of the companies listed on our list are rated among the top WordPress development companies. They have been trusted by big and Fortune 500 companies to handle and maintain their websites. 

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